Nelson Mandela: Man of the People, Photographs by Peter Magubane

Spruill Art Gallery, 2010

"I wanted the world to see what is going on in South Africa. The only way to show the world was through pictures." - Peter Magubane

Nelson Mandela: Man of the People is Magubane’s photographic record of more than fifty years of Mandela’s life.  This unique collection of photographs documents Mandela as political activist, prisoner, family man, leader, Nobel Laureate, President and statesman. Presented in the context of South Africa’s struggle from apartheid to democracy, this exhibition is a fitting tribute to the life and times of one of the greatest historic figures of the 20th Century. This exhibition reminds us of humankind’s indebtedness to both Nelson Mandela as a civil rights leader and to photographer Peter Magubane for documenting this critical period.