on the FLIP side

Spruill Art Gallery, 2009

It takes artistic vision to see the flip side. 

This exhibition offers a glimpse at the influences of cell phone technology on the arts by looking at artists who reach beyond the idea of a cell phone as a means of just "picture taking." It sets out to elevate and broaden our notion of the cell phone and how it has revolutionized the ways that art is conceived produced and distributed. Each of the artists in on the FLIP side use new technologies as a launching point for creative adventures.  They have created work that ultimately offers us exciting new ways of seeing ourselves.  Their capacity to see the flip side comes back to the fact that an artist has a unique ability to see and process the world around them, harnessing technology to produce works of art with enduring meaning. To turn our interaction with technology upside down and see and interpret its potential and impact.  By looking at the flip side, artists create significance from the commonplace.