Beyond Words

Swan Coach House Gallery, 2018

BEYOND WORDS features artists who combine visual forms of art with the written word to produce thoughts and feelings not generated by either alone. The exchange, relationship and layering of images and words play upon one another to generate unexpected results and challenge us to question our assumptions about both. There is a unique freedom that results by going beyond boundaries that expand opportunities for creativity and communication, and cultivates deeper forms of expression and narrative. In a space that is both between and beyond languages there are possibilities and inspiration where words and images are catalysts for artistic expression.

The phrase “beyond words” suggests that one cannot find the words to express ones emotions - that they are left “speechless” and have reached the limits of language. This exhibition pushes boundaries for viewers accustomed to finding meaning in isolated visual images and for artists who use words as inspiration, commentary, design and poetic dialogue.

These artists use words intentionally but in an unconventional way and thereby transcend the limits of both words and images to find meaning in the space between the two. Each has a story to tell and their uniquness demonstrates the many facets of visual art that reaches beyond words.

The exhibition included a series of response choreographies by conceptual artist and choreographer Lauri Stallings. The intervention marks the artists’ continued investigation into the relationship between movement, politics, spirituality, and placemaking, with glo moving artists Kristina Brown, Virginia Coleman, Patrice Goodlow, Christina Kelly, Mandi Mpezo, Mechelle Tunstall, Cara Watkins.

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